Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: Imagine Bamboo Fitted

The Imagine Bamboo Fitted One Size diaper is perfect for overnights. My son (8 months old at the time of writing this) sometimes leaks out of disposable diapers but I have NEVER had a leak with the imagine bamboo fitted and Imagine PUL cover combo.

He sleeps from 8pm-8:30ish am (usually 9 by the time I get to changing his diaper)

The fit is a bit disappointing as he is already on the last snap setting (no snaps at all) so I'm not sure how much longer he is going to fit in it. I might be searching for a new nighttime diaper soon. I'll update this post when he outgrows it. There's plenty of room left to grow in the cover.

The rise is changed by 2 rows of snaps. 3 snaps in each row. And has an insert that detaches for laundering.

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